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World Orb: "There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge.-" 
...Ah, sorry, I was having too much fun with old fads. The World Orb is an orb that allows you to face and talk to yourself in a dream, very creepy. However, this 'other' you has gone through a set of completely different circumstances than your own, so he/she may either help or hinder your knowledge of the future and even yourself. What will your other you disclose with you?

Aedan didn't believe in fortune telling, reincarnation, or other superstitions, not because he thought it was rubbish, but because he had seen what the so-called “supernatural” was and found the truth to be mostly more underwhelming than what people had come up with in their imagination. The spirits that lead you into damnation? Fire spirits that look like imps, and have terrible breath. Mermaids that are said to bewitch the mind of sailors and drag them into the reefs to a horrible watery death? Water spirits that were lonely. Dragons? Eat love bugs as snack. No really, there was always an answer to all those myths he'd listened and read about with shining eyes as a child, and the truth had been less than stellar. So when asked whether he wanted a tarot reading, or maybe an orb to find answers to questions he may have, the apprentice wizard was hesitant to put it mildly.
In the end he did accept an orb, one he thought would be the best suited to him, because he was still in the process of finding himself, leaving him with too many vague questions that he didn't want to waste on a precious item like this. It was said to be the world orb, a tool to view a 'different self', whatever that meant. He didn't have much faith in it anyway...

The darkness was not entirely unexpected, but still somewhat unsettling, making Aedan wonder if he'd done it right, but then a small light appeared before him, growing in brilliance until he was blinded and had to raise his arm to protect his eyes. When it ebbed again, he found himself staring at a pair of feet, mud covered boots and pants that spoke of a different time period entirely, the young man knew it had worked. Slowly he lowered his arm to see whom he was facing, though he knew it would be an alternate version of himself, yet still wasn't prepared to see his own cold eyes glaring back at himself. Sure, this could be considered looking into a mirror, but your mirror image normally didn't judge you, or look like it had seen things that had marred the soul. That look alone had Aedan swallow a hard lump that felt stuck in his throat, and unable to say a single word to his alternate self. He who looked like a wanderer, with his travel weary tunic and pants, the cloak that was of a deep green color and spoke of good fabric, but the eyes of someone who had known the world, and went through the suffering of the death of a loved one.

I see you are younger than I am,” he spoke softly, in a much gentler tone than Aedan would have expected from those eyes, causing the young apprentice to flinch before nodding. “A wizard.... with some training,” he commented, continuing in his assessment “...and the burden of innocence.” That statement seemed so at odds with those eyes, Aedan took a breath and dared to ask. “What do you mean?” his own voice sounded odd, much younger than he was now, but so infinitely more innocent in an inexplicable way compared to his older self “why do you make it sound like that's a bad thing?”. “You have yet to kill someone, be it an enemy, nor a loved one, that is why it is a burden. An unmarred heart can be a hindrance, and a shackle. I lost it because of my time and circumstances, but as long as shadows and knights exist even in your world, you cannot escape this truth.” His words weighed heavy in the darkness of the room, leaving a bitter taste in Aedan's mouth as he tried to think of what he could say in return, or maybe ask that would help him now, when the man spoke again. “You are also in love. I can see it in your eyes, in the way you try to close yourself off, but are unable to hide this precious light in your life. Do not lose it.” Those words cut through to his core, leaving him even more shaken. “But know this too, do not take it for granted. Take nothing for granted. Your time is limited even with a pact, and you have to be ready for that loss, because if you are not, it will break you.

There was the sound of glass shattering, and Aedan found himself lying on his back, breathing heavily and staring at the ceiling of his own room. Words echoed in his mind, like a whisper in the silence that had settled, but they left him feeling haunted. Who had said this would be fun? Who had said it would help him find himself? Liars. Liars...

Forgot to post it here.
It was only after reaching the safety of his room, the calm and soothing backdrop of his underwater window casting a soft light onto his features, that Aedan got hit by the full force of the things he'd witnessed that day. Not only had he nearly lost an ear, but almost Shy, Lucien, and Laurence too. But most of all... they had lost someone. Family. They had lost people in the fire, the one that had broken out after their small group had made it safely home. Home.
They had made it.
Slowly the water wizard reached up with both of his hands to cover up his ears, blocking out the sounds as he tried to block out the memory and realization of the whole mess, while his back bumped softly against his closed door, before sliding down to sit on the cold hard ground. Curled up as he was it should have made him feel safe, sound, secure... but it didn't. Instead images of the fire, the twisted eyes of the bear, the smell of something burned filled his whole mind, causing Aedan to let out a small sound before he whispered the one name that always seemed to make things better. The one that worked like a charm, a ward against all evil. “Lucien” and suddenly there was silence again.

It took the Irishman an entire hour to work through his minor meltdown, emerging from his room with slightly reddened eyes, before turning to the common room with a determined expression on his now controlled features, in search of a master. He was part of this family, this meant that there was more he could do to protect, to honor, and carry on their legacy. He was going to be part of this.
There were many lost to us in the eruption at Pompeii. While we rest and recover in the house, statues and offerings are being made to honor the dead. Do you join or do you ignore and potentially dishonor?

I think Aedan changed a little, don't you?

If possible, I'd like a :bulletred: Spirit token for the character development, if not I'll be fine with :bulletgreen: Blackened Banana and :bulletgreen: Alfalfa
DD: Desmond Price CS by Pinumbra
DD: Desmond Price CS

Name: Desmond Price
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 6’0”  |  157 
Age: 19 (30th July 2014)
Nationality: British
Wizard Parent: Margot Redstone  | Base: Fire | (DOB: May 16th, 1919)

A sixth generation wizard that had married her guardian and remained at the Dulcedomum house, but to enable the children to learn more about the world as it was outside of the house, she raised them in the "common" world, until they were old enough to learn about their proper heritage.
She continues to do this practice, but since none of her children in the most recent generation had magical talent, she had distanced herself from them, to avoid awkward questions about the mother that didn't age. But, then one of her youngest children, the only boy in the family in decades, came back from vacation with an earth spirit.


Spirit Information:
Base Element: Earth

:bulletorange:=First Spirit=:bulletorange:
Name: Alfonso Paco Gonzalez

Only people that show him the proper respect, are allowed to call him "Al"
Element: Earth
Tattoo Placement: Three straight lines starting from his lower lip, down to his chin
First Met Location: Peru, South America (Mountain Range)

Ability 1 [Support]

Floral Blessing:

Desmond can grow flowers that have healing properties around him, but he cannot control what kind, nor how many there will be. It depends on his emotional state and focus, going a bit awry if he is nervous. The flowers will be able to heal minor injuries like small cuts, minor burns, and bruises when you touch, but only when you touch them. This is not limited to Desmond, but anyone who touches the flowers.
The flowers will start to wither after an hour.

Stage 2: The flowers grow faster, stronger, and in higher numbers. Since Desmond has gotten stronger, so has the potency of the blossoms and now they will grow in a small circle around him. Their healing potential has grown and will now work well for inner medicine, to help heal such things as headaches, upset stomachs, nervousness, etc.
The Flowers will start to wither after two hours

Stage 3: At this stage flowers will sprout out at the speed and amount that Desmond intends and aims for, their quality almost topnotch, and covering an area of 2 feet around him. Healing properties has now extended to refreshing and replenishing even magical power, and would make an apothecary cry in joy with this selection of fine herbs.
The flowers will start to wither after three hours.

<s>Maleficent's Rage:
Defense, Thorns will protect Desmond</s> To be elaborated once he gets even close to achieving this skill.

<s>Merryweather's Temper:
Offense, Carnivorous plants will attack for Desmond</s> To be elaborated once he gets even close to achieving this skill.

Personal Information

Generally very shy and quick to apologize, Desmond is not very strong willed and could be considered a pushover, because he gives in rather than risk a confrontation. An inferiority complex combined with some anxiety has him often hesitate before making a decision, which makes him indecisive and a bit of a perfectionist. But despite all these insecurities he’s a very kind, sweet soul who would never hurt anyone, and is very eager to help others when they are in need. The only time he will come out of his shell and show a glimpse of who he could be, is when asked about comics and video games. He is a huge nerd.

- Reading (sci-fi mainly)
- small animals
- warm climates
- swimming

- being belittled
- being interrupted during his reading
- people forcing their interests onto him
- wet towels (they feel gross)

Desmond is the third and youngest child, of an average upper middle class family, and thus was always overshadowed by his over-achieving siblings. Though there was no rivalry going on between him and his sisters, Desmond always felt like he was never good enough in his parents' eyes. Through this he developed an inferiority complex and it led to him always thinking he would never amount to anything.
While school was a not altogether unpleasant place for the teen, going to the same place as his sisters did, there were certain expectations he couldn't fulfill, leaving him with the impression that the only chance he had at achieving something of worth, was once he left school, or they were traveling on holiday. That’s how Desmond ended up in Peru on vacation, hiking in the mountains, trying to enjoy his time off.
As things were, it didn't turn out to be a peaceful vacation after all, resulting in a loud argument between all three siblings, in which Desmond got progressively more silent until he didn't say anything at all. When the others moved on, the young man remained rooted to the spot, trying to hide his embarrassment and building tears, only to be startled by a rough voice calling him out to grow a back bone. To the brunet's surprise he found himself staring at an alpaca (a very fluffy one) that was scolding him gently and telling him to talk back, and he would show Desmond how it is done. It was quite a while after panicking and finding out that no one except for himself could see the spirit, that Desmond was told that he'd just made a pact with an earth spirit.

Misc Info:

  • Used to swim competitively

  • When swimming he wears the long, skin tight type of swim wear, no skimpy thongs thank you

  • His dress style could be described as hipster

Roleplay Paragraph Sample:

"But... what if I don't do it right?" "Que?" "...everything!" Desmond whined as he put the last of his shirts into the big suitcase he was packing to go to this place called Dulcedomum. He'd been worrying and fretting ever since a self-destructing letter had arrived at his place, telling him that he was a wizard ("I feel like Harry Potter" "QUE?" "Nevermind") and that in order to train his powers, as well as for his own protection, he would be moving to the home of the Redstones. A bloodline he descended from, but hadn't known, since his grandmother had successfully hidden her tracks very well. She had even faked her death as it turned out.
"Cabron, do not grow the roots!" his spirit spat, figuratively, stomping his foot at the young man, as he was wont to do, since the two of them were the most unlikely of duos that must have walked the earth. But the Brit was happy for the guidance of his (slightly) rough spirit, since the alpaca had a tendency to push Desmond just the right amount to make the brunet overcome his fears, and just- dare for once.
"I hope they're nice" "JODER, they will like you, or my name is not Alfonso Paco Gonzalez!"

DD: Aedan Profile 2.2 by Pinumbra
DD: Aedan Profile 2.2
Name: Aedan
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 6ft / 176 lbs
Age: 24 2nd February 2008
Wizard Parent: 

Caoimhe O'Sullivan (pronounced as 'Keeva'), born in 1828 a 5th generation wizard, is what is commonly known as a 'fairy doctor'. This is someone who takes care of fairies, as well as any business regarding their involvement with humans. Vanishing keys? The gnomes must have been up to mischief again! The bottled drinks slowly lose their contents? The pixies must be taking their share of their offering.
Even if less people believe in fairies nowadays, except for maybe some distilleries and breweries, she offers her services and doesn't pay any mind to the people whispering behind her back, about that 'weird woman, living out in that lonely cottage'.
She chose to live away from the Redstone family because she preferred a simple, and above all, quiet life. Away from AristarShe used to visit the family at the main house once every year, but whenever she did go, she was reminded as to why she left and stopped going altogether before Aedan was six years old.

Spirit Information

[Base Element] Water

[First Spirit]

Name: Corr
A water spirit that takes the shape of a heron. It was impressed by Aedan's predator-like behavior when it happened to watch him in a brawl, and offered the pact. Occasionally has severe case of bird brain, much to Aedan's annoyance. It is determined and focused, as well as ruthless, and as such war looking for someone with the same qualities.

Element: Water

Bullet; Orange Spell 1 [Offense]

Fang of Fenris:

Level 1: Aedan can create shards of ice and make them float above his opponent's head. At this level they are not much bigger than a throwing star and are very brittle. Move slowly down towards an opponent's head, and are rather easy to dodge. Limited to three.

Level 2: The shards of ice have grown stronger and longer. They now can reach the length of kitchen knives, and don't breaks as easily, nor do they melt as easily. Still easily broken, limited to five, and still cannot drop very fast.
Level 3: The ice is resilient enough and can be made into the shape of a dagger. They now can float in the shape of a ring, and will surround the enemy quickly, close in and dropping down at Aedan's command. Limited to seven.

Bullet; PurpleSpell 2 [Defense]

Breath of Jömungard

level 1: Aedan exhales, and from his frozen breath, ice spikes will fall around him, creating a wall of jagged ice to protect him. At this level the wall will be 3 inches thick and 8 feet tall and remain solid for 10 minutes before starting to melt.

level 2: The ice wall will now be 5 inches thick, and 10 feet tall. It will last for 20 minutes before starting to melt.

level 3: The ice wall will now be 7 inches thick and 10 feet tall, it will now remain for 30 minutes until the ice will start melting.


Personal Information

People will tell you that Aedan is charming, friendly, helpful, and fun! And that is exactly how he would like you to think about him, because the truth is that he is none of these things. He is cunning, scheming, manipulative, sadistic, and cruel. Through his mother's work he has been on the receiving end of jokes and ridicule, and deciding that he did not like the feeling of that, developed an outward personality that pleased the shallow masses. His real character became rather dark and unpleasant through this, something he acknowledges, and promptly ignores, because really, what's it matter to you? He will not show his true self to anyone, and is very careful not to reveal it.

+ dancing
+ solitude
+ teasing people

- people nagging him
- really warm weather

Bullet; YellowstrengthsBullet; Yellow
+ physically very fit
+ quick on his feet
+ (usually) good tactician
+ very snarky comments

Bullet; PurpleweaknessesBullet; Purple
- can be too arrogant
- tends to look down on, and underestimate people
- spiteful
- sulky McSulkypants


From an early age Aedan was taught by his mother to respect fairies, give them praise and the occasional offering, due to her occupation as a Fairy Doctor. His father wasn't around much, and later supposedly left his mother for good. Growing up surrounded by nature, he saw his fair share of fairies and keeping in mind what his mother taught him, interacted with them accordingly. 
When Aedan became old enough, he wanted none of that "boring life" and moved out as soon as possible to pursue a career as a dancer. Within a year of him moving to Dublin he successfully built himself up to be a renown dancer, getting some high paying gigs.
On his way back home one evening, while passing through a park, some muggers decided to pick him as their next target, only to be soundly beaten, and one of them was nearly drowned in the nearby pond. When his victim kept begging him for mercy Aedan nearly didn't grant it, until he heard a voice speak to him. It sounded like it was directly in his mind, so he let go of the mugger, and looked around for the source. Turned out it was a water spirit, impressed by how he had handled the attack, and it offered a pact with him. Remembering what his mother taught him, Aedan accepted the pact.

After arriving at Dulcedomum Aedan has changed drastically. At first he kept at his facade of a nice person, while thinking rather nasty things about his fellow apprentices, but due to Aristar's silent disapproval, Lucien's frank words, and more importantly: an encounter with a light guardian, the Irishman had started to change.
His carefully maintained outwards persona had been shattered, and now he had people who knew what his deal was, but since they didn't really stab him in the back as he'd expected, and one Lav bug incident later, he even started thinking of Laurence as a possible friend...

He is a 6th generation wizard.

Misc Info:

- he's been getting better at sympathizing with other people, thanks to a certain wind guardian boyfriend
- he has a tongue piercing
- used to work as a dancer, before coming to the Dulcedomum house, and was really successful too.
- has two bracelets on his left wrist (now matching with Lucien)

Roleplay Paragraph Sample:

<s>"Yes mum," he said, sounding slightly annoyed, "I will greet them all, as well as tell them that you never want to see their faces ever again... especially uncle Blaise." Aedan promptly hung up, without waiting for his mother's stern reply, because he knew she would not tell him why exactly he was supposed to watch out for that particular uncle. "Corr, do you know anything about this Dulcedomum house?" he asked, not really expecting a detailed answer, but it was worth a shot, and who knew, maybe he could get some information out of his spirit.
"All I can tell you is that it has not been around these parts in a long while" his spirit replied, at least it was something. With a glance at the heron, he nodded a thanks and turned the keys to his apartment, this would definitely be interesting...</s>

It had never felt so good to come home. Granted, home had become cold and lifeless after his father left, what with his mother's loneliness and sorrow, the absence of real friends and company that may have livened up the place, safe for faeries and the occasional spirit. No, Dulcedomum was home, because there was life. This was where everyone gathered, set their roots, and most importantly... this was where he and Lucien had returned to. Together.
Aedan could tell that this was a different kind of coming home, it wasn't the way the fire crackled gently in the fireplace, nor the smell of Nora's cooking wafting over from the kitchen, promising to be a feast once more. No. It was the feeling of belonging. Of wanting to be here, and knowing that your family was going to be here too.


Pinumbra's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist
Got tagged by :iconchiyokins:!

I won't think up new questions, because I'm THAT lazy BD

1. Do you prefer to do Digital or Traditional art? Or perhaps Mixed Media?
I'm a mixed media type of person, and depending on how much practice I get, I prefer one or the other. Because while it's great to have an undo key for digital, there's something about line weight and physically moving a pen with traditional...

2. What program do you use primarily when doing Digital Art?
Mainly PaintTool SAI, but do some effects and touch ups with Photoshop

3. What media do you typically use for Traditional Art?
For traditional I prefer good old paper and pencils

4. Favorite TV Series at the moment?
Uhhhhmmmm, I'm watching Orange is the new black, but before that I was watching American Horror Story: Coven, which was REALLY REALLY GOOD. I can't really say which series is my absolute favorite at this point in time.

5. Favorite Book/Book Series at the moment?
HOW DARE U. I'm a book worm, and all the books I've read I've loved. So, The Neverending Story is a classic, but I also love the Harry Potter books, same as the Hunger Games trilogy. Among manga, my current fav is "Young Bride Story"

6. Name one artist that you admire and take inspiration from. If they have a dA account, please link them here! :D (Big Grin)
Uhhh, my sister :iconzombiesmile: She's been a very big influence on me.

7. Was there a book in your required reading during school that you actually liked reading? If so, what was it?
HMMMM, interesting question. I think "The Body" by Stephen King was interesting enough, but I also enjoyed "A Brave New World" despite the weird way it went. "About A Boy" started slow, but I think I learned to like it after getting further into it too.

8. What's your favorite style of art? It doesn't have to be the same one you actually do.
Uh, I can't really say. I'm pretty open to all kinds of styles really.

9. How long is your hair?
It just touches my shoulders, but I might need to trim it soon. Give it a bit of shape.

10. If money and time wasn't an issue, what one country would you want to take a tour of?
Japan. I've only been as a child, so I want to tour it and see it with an adults view.
  • Mood: Passionate
  • Listening to: Always By My Side - Coldplay
  • Watching: Orange is the new black
  • Playing: Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Eating: Mabo Dofu
  • Drinking: mead

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