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When Aedan openly admitted to being gay in the common room, he didn’t miss the way Lucien tensed up for a second, before pretending that he wasn’t listening to the conversation. It caught his attention of course, and since these kinds of details bothered the wizard immensely, Lucien was guaranteed to be interrogated not long after, once they were in the safety of the guardian’s room.
“You know, I’ve never heard you say anything about your sexuality before…” he said, jumping straight into the heart of the matter and piercing his boyfriend with a look that told the guardian that there was no escaping his sharp eyes. “Wellllll, I- uh- I, umm…” the stuttering and stammering was a dead giveaway, even without the Irishman being sharp as a blade and always catching the small nuances, but Lucien wasn’t even trying this time. “Do I have to say something like that? I mean, you know how I feel?”
Oh no, he was not getting away with this. While true, it was the principle of things that Lucien was supposed to say it out loud, admit it to Aedan, he didn’t have to specifically say that he was gay, just what his sexuality was.
After a long moment of silence that seemed to stretch on forever, in which the tanned man kept blinking furiously and was sweating bullets, Aedan slowly crossed his arms, as the corners of his mouth kept turning down gradually. “I’m not letting you into my bed until you admit it.”
“WHAT” “You heard me” their squabble was the same usual, a childish row, a joke and a kiss later everything would be alright, was what Lucien figured, and immediately set out to do so, but Aedan turned his head away, refusing to either look or acknowledge the attempt at an approach by his boyfriend, leaving the guardian standing there with his jaw dropped. “I’m serious.”

Arms still crossed, weight settled on one leg, Aedan was the perfect picture of silent fuming, and it wasn’t a too far stretch to see him pouting in a little while. “Also, I won’t let you sleep here tonight.” “OH COME ON!”
Lucien was at the point where his gestures were becoming wilder and wilder as he tried to argue his way out of this weird little fight they were having. “I don’t have to admit anything, you know what I’m thinking, right? I’m not-“,“oh, I know. I know that you’re telling me that you didn’t like what I did to you the other night. Guess THAT won’t be happening again.” To make matters worse, the blond leaned back and turned his face away when Lucien tried to kiss him, to appease the wizard, as if telling him that all kisses would be denied until the brunet would give in.

That night he was thrown out of Aedan’s room, to his utter shock and disbelief, grumbling all the way back to his room and thinking that his boyfriend would calm down soon enough. It didn’t happen.
Because the next day when they happened upon each other, looked each other dead in the eye, the treacherous fiend turned his head away and struck up a conversation with Habibah of all people. Guess he was still angry.
Even after that incident they kept running into each other, but Aedan constantly turned his eyes or face away to ignore Lucien completely, despite definitely having seen his boyfriend, and it was most definitely clear that he was sulking. At one point it went so far that the wizard approached him, but right when they were about to bump into each other, he turned on his heel and walked right back from where he’d come from. “Acting like a llama isn’t sexy!” he called after the retreating form of the blond, who in return called back “it gets my point across!”
Their so-called conversation only went downhill from there:
“Okay, sure. Except I don’t want to kiss a llama!” ”Fine! See if you get any, or whether you can sleep without me!!” “I got plenty of ‘any’ before you! Aaaand slept more back then too!” “FINE!” “FINE!!”

But sleep was a cruel and flighty mistress, making Lucien end up in front of Aedan’s door who looked as if he too had had trouble sleeping, admitting in a small voice “…I’m gay and can’t sleep in my room.”

No Kisses For You
Whenever Aedan walks, you can hear the sound 'tsun' every time he takes a steps, but when he places his hand on his hip, you hear 'dere'.

Babies' first little fight.

gonna update with what I'm paying and so on and so forth, once I can think clearly.
Love is in the air 3 by Pinumbra
Love is in the air 3
Previous page: clickety click


chiyokins Sketched/Plotted half of the panels and colored most of the panels as well as the backgrounds.
Pinumbra Sketched/Plotted remaining half of the panels and colored a few panels, did the inking and assembling the panels.


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Snagged from :iconchiyokins:

1. Comment.
2. Enjoy responses.
3. Have a lovely day/afternoon/night from there.

If we where drunk I would...

[]Try to fight you
[]hug you, uncontrollably cry and continuously say "I fuckin' love you man"
[]vomit on you and pass out
[]we don't drink =/
[]tell you my complex backstory 
[]awkwardly flirt with you
[]leave to try and get laid

To me you are...


[]Sexy as hell
[]pretty cool
[]Really cool
[]not cool

If we went on a date...

[]Treat you with class
[]take you to a disco
[]get all "touchy feely"
[]spend the entire date using shitty pick up lines
[]attempt to cup a feel
[]try to impress you and inevitably fail

I would...

[]Date you
[]hang out with you
[]beat the shit out of you
[]show you these amazing new shoes that I got for only $17.99
[]sell cocaine to bail you out of jail
[]take I fucking bullet for you man
[]bail you out of jail
[]kill you O_O

If you looked out the window at midnight I would...

[]hold a boom box out over my head and play a romantic song
[]be hiding the bushes
[]passed out drunk in a pile of my own vomit
[]be singing Hungry Like the Wolf
[]Try to explain to you why I am naked and holding a gas can full of live bats

You should...

[]Repost this in your journal so I can comment
[]Talk to me
[]Go die in a fire
[]-n't have done that Dave
[]learn how to speak Spanish.
[]Get off of DeviantART, go out into the sun, and GET LAID
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